The Hino 700 series is a heavy-duty truck that combines quality, durability, and reliability. It is fitted with a fuel-efficient engine, making it the ultimate combination of Japanese engineering and build. The Hino 700 series provides levels of comfort, safety equipment, and lifesaving technologies, making it the safest Hino truck ever.

The Hino 700 series includes models such as SH1EERA-MRM (AMT), SR1EKRG-MRM (AMT), SS1EKRA, and SS1EKRA-RRM (AMT). It offers increased performance with more engine power ratings, a wider range of axle configurations, and the choice of a true automatic or automated manual transmission.

The Hino 700 series is designed to meet Euro 6 exhaust emission standards, making it the cleanest Hino heavy-duty yet. It also comes with Hino-Connect standard and now active, providing superior business intel and support.

The Hino 700 series is equipped with advanced safety features such as a Driver Monitor, Pre-Collision System, Electronic Braking System, Vehicle Stability Control, Lane Departure Warning System, and Pedestrian Detection.

Overall, the Hino 700 series is a versatile and reliable choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re transporting goods, delivering services, or moving people, the Hino 700 series has a truck to meet your needs.

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